Technical Program

PS-1B: Poster Session 1B

Session Type: Poster
Time: Saturday, September 14, 16:30 - 19:30
Location: H Fläche 1.OG
 PS-1B.1: Generalized Unrestricted Models (GUMs), a flexible and interpretable tool for behavioral and neural analysis
         Alexandre Hyafil; Centre de Recerca Matemàtica
         Vincent Adam;
PS-1B.2: Episodic memory retrieval is supported by rapid replay of episode content
         G. Elliott Wimmer; University College London
         Yunzhe Liu; University College London
         Neža Vehar; University College London
         Tim Behrens; University of Oxford
         Raymond J Dolan; University College London
 PS-1B.3: Attention biases neural representations of hierarchical visual features
         Tomoyasu Horikawa; ATR
         Yukiyasu Kamitani; Kyoto University
 PS-1B.4: Disentangling neural mechanisms for perceptual grouping
         Junkyung Kim; Brown University
         Drew Linsley; Brown University
         Kalpit Thakkar; Brown University
         Thomas Serre; Brown University
 PS-1B.5: DeepGaze III: Using Deep Learning to Probe Interactions Between Scene Content and Scanpath History in Fixation Selection
         Matthias Kümmerer; University of Tübingen
         Thomas S.A. Wallis; University of Tübingen
         Matthias Bethge; University of Tübingen and Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Tübingen
 PS-1B.6: A deep generative model explaining tuning properties of monkey face processing patches
         Haruo Hosoya; ATR International
 PS-1B.7: Generalization of placebo pain relief
         Lea Kampermann; University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
         Christian Büchel; University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
 PS-1B.8: From episodic to semantic memory: A computational model
         Denis Alevi; Technical University Berlin
         Richard Kempter; Humboldt University of Berlin
         Henning Sprekeler; Technical University Berlin
 PS-1B.9: Temporal Segmentation for Faster and Better Learning
         Brad Wyble; Pennsylvania State University
         Howard Bowman; University of Birmingham
 PS-1B.10: Orientation representations in convolutional neural networks are more discriminable around the cardinal axes
         Margaret Henderson; University of California, San Diego
         John Serences; University of California, San Diego
 PS-1B.11: The relational structure of a reinforcement learning task is represented and generalised in the entorhinal cortex
         Alon Baram; University of Oxford
         Timothy Muller; University of Oxford
         Hamed Nili; University of Oxford
         Mona Garvert; Max-Planck-Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
         Tim Behrens; University of Oxford
 PS-1B.12: Mechanisms of the non-linear interactions between the neuronal and neurotransmitter systems explained by causal whole-brain modeling
         Josephine Cruzat; Universitat Pompeu Fabra
         Joana Cabral; University of Minho
         Gitte Moos Knudsen; Copenhagen University
         Robin Carhart-Harris; Imperial College London
         Peter C. Whybrow; University of California, Los Angeles
         Nikos K. Logothetis; Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics
         Morten L. Kringelbach; University of Oxford
         Gustavo Deco; Universitat Pompeu Fabra
 PS-1B.13: Reading times and temporo-parietal BOLD activity encode the semantic hierarchy of language prediction
         Lea-Maria Schmitt; University of Lübeck
         Julia Erb; University of Lübeck
         Sarah Tune; University of Lübeck
         Anna Rysop; Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
         Gesa Hartwigsen; Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
         Jonas Obleser; University of Lübeck
 PS-1B.14: Synaptic plasticity with correlated feedback: knowing how much to learn.
         Alexander Antrobus; University College London
         Peter Latham; University College London
 PS-1B.15: Comparing facets of behavioral object representation: implicit perceptual similarity matches brains and models
         Caterina Magri; Harvard University
         Talia Konkle; Harvard University
 PS-1B.16: Do Deep Neural Networks Model Nonlinear Compositionality in the Neural Representation of Human-Object Interactions?
         Aditi Jha; Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
         Sumeet Agarwal; Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
 PS-1B.17: Which Neural Network Architecture matches Human Behavior in Artificial Grammar Learning?
         Andrea Alamia; CerCo - CNRS
         Victor Gauducheau; CerCo - CNRS
         Dimitri Paisios; CerCo - CNRS
         Rufin VanRullen; CerCo - CNRS
 PS-1B.18: Using deep neural network features to predict voxelwise activity in ultra-high field fMRI
         Rebekka Heinen; Ruhr University Bochum
         Lorena Deuker; Ruhr University Bochum
         Thomas Naselaris; Medical University of South Carolina
         Nikolai Axmacher; Ruhr University Bochum
 PS-1B.19: Preserved metamemory and subjective costs of searching in Schizophrenia
         Thea Simensen; NTNU
         Wenche ten Velden Hegelstad; SUS
         Lina Livsdatter; UiT The Arctic University of Norway
         Gerit Pfuhl; UiT The Arctic University of Norway
 PS-1B.20: Neural Network Mechanisms Underlying Confirmation Bias in Stimulus Estimation
         Jose M. Esnaola-Acebes; Centre de Recerca Matemàtica
         Bharath C. Talluri; University Medical Center Hamburg- Eppendorf
         Tobias Donner; University Medical Center Hamburg- Eppendorf
         Alex Roxin; Centre de Recerca Matemàtica
         Klaus Wimmer; Centre de Recerca Matemàtica
 PS-1B.21: Artificial haptic recognition through human manipulation of objects
         David Miralles; La Salle - Univesitat Ramon Llull
         Carlota Parés; La Salle - Univesitat Ramon Llull
         Guillem Garrofé; La Salle - Univesitat Ramon Llull
         Alberto Soto; La Salle - Univesitat Ramon Llull
         Albert Llauradó; La Salle - Univesitat Ramon Llull
         Gerard Serra; La Salle - Univesitat Ramon Llull
         Àlex Falcó; La Salle - Univesitat Ramon Llull
         Hans Op de Beeck; KU Leuven
         Haemy Lee Masson; KU Leuven
 PS-1B.22: Dynamic Gaze Effects on Cost-Benefit Decisions: from Value Modulation to Additive Influences
         Andrew Westbrook; Brown University
         Lieke Hofmans; Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
         Jessica Määttä; Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
         Danae Papadopetraki; Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
         Ruben van den Bosch; Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
         Roshan Cools; Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
         Michael Frank; Brown University
 PS-1B.23: Analyzing disentanglement of visual objects in semi-supervised neural networks
         Andrew David Zaharia; Columbia University
         Benjamin Peters; Columbia University
         John Cunningham; Columbia University
         Nikolaus Kriegeskorte; Columbia University
 PS-1B.24: Learning what is relevant for rewards via serial hypothesis testing
         Mingyu Song; Princeton University
         Ming Bo Cai; Princeton University
         Yael Niv; Princeton University
 PS-1B.26: A Model for Perception and Memory
         Volker Tresp; Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
         Sahand Sharifzadeh; Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
         Dario Konopatzki; Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
 PS-1B.27: Investigating the Presence of 'Leaky' Accumulation in a Human Evidence Integration Signal
         Jessica Dully; Trinity College Dublin
         David McGovern; Dublin City University
         Simon Kelly; University College Dublin
         Redmond O'Connell; Trinity College Dublin
 PS-1B.28: Between the single- and dual-process models of recognition memory: an alternative view
         Olya Hakobyan; Ruhr University Bochum
         Sen Cheng; Ruhr University Bochum
 PS-1B.29: Oscillatory Patterns in Behavioral Responses during a Memory Task
         Marije ter Wal; University of Birmingham
         Juan Linde Domingo; University of Birmingham
         Julia Lifanov; University of Birmingham
         Frederic Roux; University of Birmingham
         Luca Kolibius; University of Birmingham
         David Rollings; Queen Elizabeth Hospital
         Vijay Sawlani; Queen Elizabeth Hospital
         Ramesh Chelvarajah; Queen Elizabeth Hospital
         Bernhard Staresina; University of Birmingham
         Simon Hanslmayr; University of Birmingham
         Maria Wimber; University of Birmingham
 PS-1B.30: Human uncertainty improves object classification
         Joshua Peterson; Princeton University
         Ruairidh Battleday; Princeton University
         Thomas Griffiths; Princeton University
 PS-1B.31: Understanding the timing of cognitive processes with a variable rate neural code
         S. Thomas Christie; University of Minnesota
         Paul Schrater; University of Minnesota
 PS-1B.32: Unfolding of multisensory inference in the brain and behavior
         Yinan Cao; University of Oxford
         Hame Park; University of Bielefeld
         Bruno L. Giordano; Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and Aix-Marseille Université
         Christoph Kayser; University of Bielefeld
         Charles Spence; University of Oxford
         Christopher Summerfield; University of Oxford
 PS-1B.33: Fast Brain MRI Segmentation Using a Volumetric Deep Learning Approach
         Dennis Bontempi; University of Brescia
         Sergio Benini; University of Brescia
         Alberto Signoroni; University of Brescia
         Lars Muckli; University of Glasgow
         Michele Svanera; University of Glasgow
 PS-1B.34: Locus Coeruleus Engagement Drives Network Connectivity Dynamics In Humans And Rats
         Sana Hussain; University of California, Riverside
         Mahsa Alizadeh Shalchy; University of California, Riverside
         Kimia C. Yaghoubi; University of California, Riverside
         Jason Langley; University of California, Riverside
         Xu Chen; University of California, Riverside
         Ilana J. Bennett; University of California, Riverside
         Ringo Huang; University of Southern California
         David Clewett; University of Southern California
         Shawn E. Nielsen; University of Southern California
         Rico Velasco; University of Southern California
         Briana Kennedy; University of Southern California
         Sophia Han; University of Southern California
         Kristie Tu; University of Southern California
         Aaron R. Seitz; University of California, Riverside
         Nanyin Zhang; University of Pennsylvania
         Mara Mather; University of Southern California
         Xiaoping Hu; University of California, Riverside
         Megan A. K. Peters; University of California, Riverside
 PS-1B.35: Rate distortion trade-off in human memory
         David G. Nagy; MTA Wigner RCP
         Balazs Torok; MTA Wigner RCP
         Gergo Orban; MTA Wigner RCP
 PS-1B.36: Cognitive Effort Modulates Frontal Effective Connections
         Katharina Wegner; Ghent University
         Charlie Wilson; Inserm U1028
         Emannuel Procyk; Inserm U1028
         Karl Friston; UCL Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging
         Daniele Marinazzo; Ghent University
 PS-1B.37: A particle filtering account of selective attention during learning
         Angela Radulescu; Princeton University
         Yael Niv; Princeton University
         Nathaniel Daw; Princeton University
 PS-1B.38: Functional connectivity of fractal and oscillatory cortical activity is distinct
         Andrea Ibarra Chaoul; Hertie-Institute for Clinical Brain Research, Centre for Integrative Neuroscience & MEG Center
         Markus Siegel; Hertie-Institute for Clinical Brain Research, Centre for Integrative Neuroscience & MEG Center
 PS-1B.39: Sensorimotor strategies and neuronal representations of whisker-based object recognition in mouse barrel cortex
         Ramon Nogueira; Columbia University
         Chris C. Rodgers; Columbia University
         Stefano Fusi; Columbia University
         Randy M. Bruno; Columbia University
 PS-1B.40: Microsaccade Patterns Evolve During Learning of a Covert Spatial Attention Task
         Marie Bellet; University of Tuebingen
         Lenka Seillier; University of Tuebingen
         Katrina Quinn; University of Tuebingen
         Katsuhisa Kawaguchi; University of Tuebingen
         Joachim Bellet; University of Tuebingen
         Ziad Hafed; University of Tuebingen
         Hendrikje Nienborg; University of Tuebingen
 PS-1B.41: Distractor Suppression Uniquely Contributes to the Lateralized Alpha Response in Spatial Attention
         Malte Wöstmann; University of Luebeck
         Mohsen Alavash; University of Luebeck
         Jonas Obleser; University of Luebeck
 PS-1B.42: Extreme Translation Tolerance in Humans and Machines
         Ryan Blything; University of Bristol
         Ivan Vankov; New Bulgarian University
         Casimir Ludwig; University of Bristol
         Jeffrey Bowers; University of Bristol
 PS-1B.43: Dynamic Integration of Forward Planning and Heuristic Preferences in a Sequential Two-Goal Task
         Florian Ott; Technische Universität Dresden
         Dimitrije Markovic; Technische Universität Dresden
         Alexander Strobel; Technische Universität Dresden
         Stefan Kiebel; Technische Universität Dresden
 PS-1B.44: A Neuro-Computational Characterization of Theory of Mind Processes during Cooperative Interaction
         Tessa Rusch; University Hamburg
         Prashant Doshi; University of Georgia
         Martin Hebart; National Institute of Mental Health
         Saurabh Kumar; University Hamburg
         Michael Spezio; Scripps College
         Jan Gläscher; University Hamburg
 PS-1B.45: Electroencephalographic Correlates of Temporal Bayesian Belief Updating and Surprise
         Antonino Visalli; University of Padova
         Mariagrazia Capizzi; University of Padova
         Ettore Ambrosini; University of Padova
         Bruno Kopp; Hannover Medical School
         Antonino Vallesi; University of Padova
 PS-1B.46: Experimental evidence on computational mechanisms of concurrent temporal channels for auditory processing
         Xiangbin Teng; Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics
         David Poeppel; Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics
 PS-1B.47: Probabilistic Successor Representations with Kalman Temporal Differences
         Jesse Geerts; University College London
         Kimberly Stachenfeld; DeepMind
         Neil Burgess; University College London
 PS-1B.48: Effects of Sensory Precision on Behavioral and Neuroimaging Perceptual Biases in Duration Estimation
         Reny Baykova; University of Sussex
         Warrick Roseboom; University of Sussex
 PS-1B.49: Adding biological constraints to CNNs makes image classification more human-like and robust
         Gaurav Malhotra; University of Bristol
         Benjamin Evans; University of Bristol
         Jeffrey Bowers; University of Bristol
 PS-1B.50: Automated Machine Learning in Brain Predictive Modelling: A data-driven approach to Predict Brain Age from Cortical Anatomical Measures
         Jessica Dafflon; King's College London
         James H. Cole; King's College London
         Federico Turkheimer; King's College London
         Robert Leech; King's College London
         Mathew A. Harris; University of Edinburgh
         Simon R. Cox; University of Edinburgh
         Heather C. Whalley; University of Edinburgh
         Andrew M. McIntosh; University of Edinburgh
         Peter J. Hellyer; University of Edinburgh
 PS-1B.51: Optimizing a recurrent neural architecture for contour detection produces a tilt illusion
         Drew Linsley; Brown University
         Junkyung Kim; Brown University
         Thomas Serre; Brown University
 PS-1B.52: Models of allocentric coding for reaching in naturalistic visual scenes
         Parisa Abedi Khoozani; Queen's University
         Paul R. Schrater; University of Minnesota
         Dominik Endres; Philipps-University Marburg
         Katja Fiehler; Justus-Liebig Univ. Giessen
         Gunnar Blohm; Queen's University
 PS-1B.53: Test-retest reliability of canonical reinforcement learning models
         Laura Weidinger; Max-Planck-Institute for Human Development
         Andrea Gradassi; University of Amsterdam
         Lucas Molleman; University of Amsterdam
         Wouter van den Bos; University of Amsterdam
 PS-1B.54: Geometry of Shared Representations
         Gregorty Henselman-Petrusek; Princeton Universeity
         Simon Segert; Princeton Universeity
         Bryn Keller; Intel Labs
         Mariano Tepper; Intel Labs
         Jon Cohen; Princeton Universeity
 PS-1B.55: Explaining Scene-selective Visual Areas Using Task-specific Deep Neural Network Representations
         Kshitij Dwivedi; Singapore University of Technology and Design
         Michael Bonner; Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
         Gemma Roig; Singapore University of Technology and Design
 PS-1B.56: Hierarchical network analysis of behavior and neuronal population activity
         Kevin Luxem; German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases
         Falko Fuhrmann; German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases
         Stefan Remy; German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases
         Pavol Bauer; German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases
 PS-1B.57: Measuring prefrontal representational geometry: fMRI adaptation vs pattern analysis
         Apoorva Bhandari; Brown University
         Marcus Benna; Columbia University
         Mattia Rigotti; IBM Research AI
         Stefano Fusi; Columbia University
         David Badre; Brown University
 PS-1B.58: Modeling attention impairments in major depression
         Arielle Keller; Stanford University
         Shi Qiu; Stanford University
         Jason Li; Stanford University
         Leanne Williams; Stanford University
 PS-1B.59: Testing burst coding models of working memory with spike trains from primate prefrontal cortex
         Daming Li; Yale University
         Christos Contantidinis; Wake Forest University
         John Murray; Yale University
 PS-1B.60: Temporal Dynamics of Meaning
         Ariel Goldstein; Princeton University and Google Research
         Aren Jansen; Google Research
         Malcom Slaney; Google Research
         Amy Price; Princeton University
         Zaid Kokaja Zada; Princeton University
         Gina Ghoe; Princeton University and NYU School of Medicine
         Bobbi Aubrey; Princeton University and NYU School of Medicine
         Aditi Rao; Princeton University and NYU School of Medicine
         Lora Fanda; Princeton University and NYU School of Medicine
         Kenneth Norman; Princeton University
         Adeen Flinker; NYU School of Medicine
         Orrin Devinsky; NYU School of Medicine
         Michael Brenner; Google Research
         Uri Hasson; Princeton University and Google Research
 PS-1B.61: Speed and accuracy in learning: A combined Q-learning diffusion decision model analysis
         Steven Miletic; University of Amsterdam
         Russell Boag; University of Amsterdam
         Varvara Mathiopoulou; University of Amsterdam
         Birte Forstmann; University of Amsterdam
 PS-1B.62: Novel Object Scale Differences in Deep Convolutional Neural Networks versus Human Object Recognition Areas
         Astrid Zeman; KULeuven
         Chayenne Van Meel; KULeuven
         Hans Op de Beeck; KULeuven
 PS-1B.63: Narratives as Networks: Predicting Memory from the Structure of Naturalistic Events
         Hongmi Lee; Johns Hopkins University
         Janice Chen; Johns Hopkins University
 PS-1B.64: An Inference Network Model for Goal-directed Attentional Selection
         Yang Chu; Imperial College London
         Dan F. M. Goodman; Imperial College London
 PS-1B.65: The cingulo-opercular network controls stimulus-response transformations with increasing efficiency over the course of learning
         Janik Fechtelpeter; Technische Universität Dresden
         Hannes Ruge; Technische Universität Dresden
         Holger Mohr; Technische Universität Dresden
 PS-1B.66: Representations of Sensory Signals and Abstract Categories in Brain Networks
         Dimitris Pinotsis; City—University of London & MIT
         Markus Siegel; University of Tuebingen
         Earl Miller; MIT
 PS-1B.67: Disambiguating planning from heuristics in rodent spatial navigation
         Michael Pereira; Champalimaud Research
         Christian K. Machens; Champalimaud Research
         Rui M. Costa; Columbia University
         Thomas Akam; University of Oxford
 PS-1B.68: The Unreliable Influence of Noise Normalization on the Reliability of Neural Dissimilarity
         J. Brendan Ritchie; KU Leuven
         Haemy Lee Masson; KU Leuven
         Stefania Bracci; KU Leuven
         Hans Op de Beeck; KU Leuven
 PS-1B.69: Spatial Attention introduces Behavioral Trade-off in a Large-Scale Spiking Neural Network
         Lynn K. A. Sörensen; University of Amsterdam
         Davide Zambrano; Centrum Wiskunde Informatica
         Heleen A. Slagter; Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
         H. Steven Scholte; University of Amsterdam
         Sander M. Bohté; Centrum Wiskunde Informatica
 PS-1B.70: Bayesian inference for an exploration-exploitation model of human gaze control
         Noa Malem-Shinitski; Potsdam University
         Stefan Seelig; Potsdam University
         Sebastian Reich; Potsdam University
         Ralf Engbert; Potsdam University
 PS-1B.71: Temporal Context Invariance Reveals Neural Processing Timescales in Human Auditory Cortex
         Sam Norman-Haignere; Columbia University
         Laura Long; Columbia University
         Orrin Devinsky; NYU Langone Medical Center
         Werner Doyle; NYU Langone Medical Center
         Guy McKhann; Columbia University Medical Center
         Catherine Schevon; Columbia University Medical Center
         Adeen Flinker; NYU Langone Medical Center
         Nima Mesgarani; Columbia University
 PS-1B.72: A Functional Model of Neuronal Response Variability in Primary Visual Cortex
         Dylan Festa; Albert Einstein College of Medicine
         Amir Aschner; Albert Einstein College of Medicine
         Adam Kohn; Albert Einstein College of Medicine
         Ruben Coen-Cagli; Albert Einstein College of Medicine
 PS-1B.73: Effects of value on early sensory activity and motor preparation during rapid sensorimotor decisions
         L. Alexandra Martinez-Rodriguez; University College Dublin
         Elaine A. Corbett; University College Dublin
         Simon P. Kelly; University College Dublin
 PS-1B.74: Time-Resolved Correspondences Between a Deep Feed-Forward Neural Network and Human Object Processing: EEG Measurements
         Nathan Kong; Stanford University
         Blair Kaneshiro; Stanford University
         Anthony Norcia; Stanford University
 PS-1B.75: Central Tendency as Consequence of Experimental Protocol
         Stefan Glasauer; Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg
         Zhuanghua Shi; Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
 PS-1B.76: Noise correlations facilitate faster learning
         Matthew Nassar; Brown University
 PS-1B.77: Cognition as inference: a unifying account of some neural effects associated with mental imagery and attention
         Ghislain St-Yves; Medical university of South Carolina
         Thomas Naselaris; Medical university of South Carolina
 PS-1B.78: Procrastination in Rational Agents
         Peiyuan Zhang; New York University
         Wei Ji Ma; New York University