Technical Program

GS-1: Contributed Talks 1-2

Session Type: Oral
Time: Saturday, September 14, 09:50 - 10:30
Location: H0104
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 GS-1.1: Learning Divisive Normalization in Primary Visual Cortex
         Max F. Günthner; University of Tübingen
         Santiago A. Cadena; University of Tübingen
         George H. Denfield; Baylor College of Medicine
         Edgar Y. Walker; Baylor College of Medicine
         Leon A. Gatys; University of Tübingen
         Andreas S. Tolias; Baylor College of Medicine
         Matthias Bethge; University of Tübingen
         Alexander S. Ecker; University of Tübingen
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 GS-1.2: Evolving the Olfactory System
         Guangyu Robert Yang; Columbia University
         Peter Yiliu Wang; Columbia University
         Yi Sun; Columbia University
         Ashok Litwin-Kumar; Columbia University
         Richard Axel; Columbia University
         L.F. Abbott; Columbia University