Technical Program

GS-2: Contributed Talks 3-4

Session Type: Oral
Time: Saturday, September 14, 11:50 - 12:30
Location: H0104
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 GS-2.1: An Electrophysiological Signature of Dynamic Urgency in Human Perceptual Decision Making
         Ciara Devine; Trinity College Dublin
         David McGovern; Dublin City University
         Jessica Dully; Trinity College Dublin
         Emmet McNickle; Trinity College Dublin
         Simon Kelly; University College Dublin
         Redmond O'Connell; Trinity College Dublin
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 GS-2.2: Model-based value in midbrain dopamine signals
         Marta Blanco Pozo; University of Oxford
         Thomas Akam; University of Oxford
         Timothy E. Behrens; University of Oxford
         Mark E. Walton; University of Oxford