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Due to an increased interest in this year's conference, we are approaching the capacity limit for the venue. If we reach its capacity, we cannot accept any new registrations, either online or on-site in Berlin. Currently, there are still 3 spots remaining. Please register at your earliest convenience so that you do not miss out on attending the conference!

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Tutorials [Friday, September 13]
  • Representing states and spaces (Tim Behrens, Kim Stachenfeld)
  • Causal inference (Dominik Janzing, Sebastian Weichwald)
  • The Bayesian Brain, Variational Inference and the Free Energy Principle (Sam Gershman)
Mind Matching Sessions [Saturday, September 14] Meet the people most important to you! CCN 2019 will feature a computer-assisted networking event (90 min). Participants will meet and engage in conversation with a new scientist every 15 minutes. An algorithm will determine who meets whom and where. If you choose to participate in this event, you will be asked to provide up to 3 abstracts that are representative of your research. In addition, you may provide up to six other likely attendees with whom you would like to mind-match (requests are private and will not be shared). To avoid meeting with people you already know well, you may list individuals in your labs and institutes, as well as advisors and friends. (90 min) No cost
Cross-collaboration Breakouts [Sunday, September 15]
Attendees may choose one of:
  1. Can state-space models form a bridge between theory and data? (Scott Linderman, Laura Driscoll, Lea Duncker)
  2. How can we measure and model the dynamics of interacting minds? (Janice Chen, Mark Thornton, Adam Calhoun)
  3. How can we design cognitive tasks that challenge both cognitive and neural network models? (Benjamin Peters and Wei Ji Ma)
Gather in small groups to discuss specific challenges related to cross-collaboration across disciplines. Invited discussion leaders will kick-start the conversation with short presentations. No cost
Cross-collaboration Breakouts [Monday, September 16]
Attendees may choose one of:
  1. How should we benchmark models in cognitive computational neuroscience? (Matthias Bethge, Y-Lan Boureau, Gemma Roig)
  2. How can we test cognitive models with brain-activity data? (Todd Gureckis, Nathaniel Daw, Jelmer Borst)
  3. How can we model the computations of human language perception and production? (Jon Brennan, Laura Gwilliams)
Gather in small groups to discuss specific challenges related to cross-collaboration across disciplines. Invited discussion leaders will kick-start the conversation with short presentations. No cost

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