Presentation Guidelines

Preparation of the Presentation

When we send the review results for your paper by e-mail, that e-mail message will specify whether accepted papers have been assigned for poster presentation or oral presentation.

Oral Presentations

Each oral presentation is allocated 20 minutes. To keep the conference running on time, this time limit will be enforced. We recommend that you plan to speak for about 17–18 minutes, leaving about 2–3 minutes for questions from the audience. Please rehearse your presentation before you give your presentation at CCN. Pre-recorded presentations are not allowed.

A computer-driven slideshow is recommended for your presentation. The conference facility will be equipped with a computer, a data projector (16:9 aspect ratio), a microphone, a lectern, and a pointing device. It is best if you bring your slides on a USB thumbdrive. Use PowerPoint or Adobe/PDF format. To minimize transition times, we will not be allowing presenters to connect their own computer to the projector. If you must use your own device due to special requirements – please request approval at least one week before the conference.

At the conference, please test your slides prior to the start of your session. You can perform this testing in the regular lecture room. Audio embedded in the slides will be supported through the provided computer.

Poster Presentations

Rectangular boards will be provided, with the full space available for your poster. The usable area for a single presenter is 75 inches (190cm) tall and 55 inches (140cm) wide. Although we recommend large posters to ensure visibility by your audience, the poster is not required to fill this entire space. Please note that the physical board area extends to the floor. This means that the bottom of the poster board will be resting on the floor, and the top of the board will be 200cm from the ground. Please ensure that the bottom of your poster is high enough from the floor to be visible.

Click the image below for a high-resolution PDF.

"Power strips" will be provided to attach posters to the boards. Each poster will be assigned a number, called the Board Number, which will indicate where to post your poster.